Property for sale

Discounted package for ten or more locations.

For each location I will provide a 1-2 minute edited 4k video, and 5 edited pictures. 
I'm available to put up boundary stakes and  for sale signs on the property. Voice overs, music, titles and transitions are options that help determine price as well as location. We can make most budgets work and the average out of state properties usually price between $150 and $250 per location including all charges.

Wedding Tent


Oh weddings? That's gonna cost double the normal rate! 
I'm kidding if you want to avoid the wedding racket and get better results of your special day without selling your kidneys just text me what you need, below is an example of what I got for a friend even though her day was rained out. I'm here to help but I only do drone work, so if you are looking for inside videography and professional closeups you might want a ground photographer also.

Marketing team meeting

Business Promos

These are a particular speciality of Drones For Higher, and a must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of their videography, sales experience and professionalism. Let me know what your goals are and I'll make it happen.