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Together we can get what you want.

The more details that you can give me the better. If you have a certain feel, message, purpose or look in mind please share it so that I can translate it through images.

Please make yourself available on the day of shooting. Some areas need FAA permission and that comes with specific time and area limitations scheduling up to 2 weeks out.


Payment is due when the final project is delivered and approved. Payment is late and will have an additional 5% penalty after 2 weeks. Deposit is half of the quote or the total travel costs whichever is greater due at start.

I will not trespass. I can't count the number of times people have threatened to shoot down my drone. It is a lot easier explaining it to them that that is illegal if I am not on their land. If this land is rural/ out of cell service/ GPS coordinates only then you need to show me a direct path and clear access. No refunds will be issued on inaccessible properties (4x4 only).


Please download images, the preview from the drop box website will be significantly lower quality. 

Reading the my drones page can give you examples of both image quality and limitations to expect. The button below will go into laws and regulations about my industry. There are common misconceptions and questions covered straight from the FAA website.