What's an FAA 107 certification?

It's an exam to get a UAV pilots license that cost roughly $300 and takes about 2 weeks. Pilots take a renewal test every 2 years.

What kind of insurance do you have?

I have adjustable insurance that always covers $500k and can increase it to 5 million with a days notice.

What are the drone laws specific to OK?

You can't fly within 2000 ft of critical infrastructure. That's it, there's a few attempts to change some things but that's the only one on the books for now.

How do you know where you can fly?

The FAA tells me. There is an app that communicates with my drone called b4ufly that has every restricted location geotagged. The most common are airports, national parks, detention facilities and Indian reservations. These areas all require an additional waiver to fly and the waiver will have a specific date and time window.


How long does it take for you to process pictures and videos?

At max 1 week from when I have taken the footage, depending on the size of the project it is usually only a few days.

What businesses have you worked with?

Hal Smith restaurants, Remax Relators, LandListings, Marcums Nursery, Irving ISD, Sidecar and a few individuals.

I'm proud of my videos, take a look at some samples on my youtube channel if you get a chance.

What kind of drone do you use?

I have a Mavic 2 Pro with ND filters, night filters and a waterproof suit for flying in light rain or snow. It has a 1 inch sensor and can shoot in 10 bit color at 4k 60 fps.

Can you do radiometric thermal imaging?

Not yet, but working on it. I plan on have the equipment and certification mid June.


How much do other pilots in OKC charge?

I called every drone business in OKC and found that they range from $150 to $550. That was for a 1-2 minute video of unedited drone footage.

What if I want to make some edits?

I'm happy to help, I only want you to leave with your perfect video. I'll send over the video for review and just tell me what you would like to change about it. I charge hourly for editing beyond this point and also offer side by side editing for projects where details are crucial.

Whats the billing and payment process like?

Fast and simple. I send and invoice that can be paid online through CC with a reciept.

Why aren't your rates listed?

There's just too many variables, but if you can tell me the specifics I'd be happy to send you a firm quote at very competitive rates, with suggestions for cutting the costs or improving your video.


What information do you need for a quote and why?


The first thing I check is if the location is in a restricted zone and how far away it is.

How long of a video?

Under a minute is the easiest way to share it to all social media. Just let me know how long you want the finished product to be or what you are trying to get across.

Time window?

I usually try to shoot in the first hour after sunup or the last hour before sundown only because it looks best, I can film anytime day or night though.

Additional insurance

I charge the cost +30%. If you want to go through the paperwork on it you can save 30% I'm all for it, but I do not enjoy filling out insurance forms.


I need you to be crystal clear about what you want or expect, don't hold back. The more information I have before shooting something the better I can make it look for you.

How much editing do you need?

Do you need transitions, effects, voiceovers, titles, music or even a logo or brand added to the video? I can help with all of it, editing takes a lot more time than shooting and its directly tied to costs.