Everything is negotiable, there are a lot of factors that affect quoting. Location, travel costs, time, editing, rendering, transferring.

I am happy to help you decide or clarify options, just ask if you have any questions.

I need to know the physical address if it has one or the gps coordinates and if it takes a special vehicle to get to the location, also the boundaries if applicable. 

What do you want images of, and how you want them to look? 

What kind of time window are you looking at?

Do you need them edited?

 Do you want videos, pictures, panoramas, hyper-lapses or just RAW? Do you need it formatted for multiple platforms?

Do you have other media or info you want me to include? 

Any of these that apply in a single email is greatly appreciated for reference. With this info I can give you an accurate quote and send an invoice for deposit to get started.